Minggu, 08 Februari 2015

Day #39: Random Ramblings...

Morning love-ies!

Today my mind is going about a million miles a minute in about a million different directions- therefore... let the random ramblings commence!

Driving to work this morning was probably one of the more scarey experiences of my life- I drive an itty bitty hyundai and let's just say it doesn't handle still having more than inch of snow on the ground after the road has supposedbly been "plowed" and it was a slidin' every which way. I don't want to be annoying with this so I'll just say it one time so that it's out of my system: I hate snow. Sure it's pretty and fun to play in, but it just makes driving anywhere a hassle and sometimes dangerous. Eck, looks like another snow blizzard from you know where is heading our way tomorrow...eek! Looks nice n safe right? NOT!

HOWEVER, before heading out to brake the ice off my windshield I did experience a rather exciting NSV...

Sorry for the sucky phone pic but I was running out the door and wanted to share with you my 1st official piece of clothing that used to be too tight but now fits like a glove! This winter jacket is one that I received from my work and although it is a tad fugly I was grateful b/c I never even owned a winter coat and this one is super warm! When I first got it about a month and a half ago I couldn't zip the whole thing up without taking out the down feather insert- it just wouldn't fit over my bum! However....today it zipped up (down insert and all) perfectly! Whoo hoo! Not that this coat would ever look good on anybody but still...whoo hoo! :)

Also, I figured this morning was as good as any to finally try Fage Greek Yogurt! I had obviously heard tons about it but just had never really gotten around to picking any up and then once I had it I was a little nervous to try it because I had heard that the texture and taste was a little...interesting. Before I tasted it I added in a packet of Splenda and... YUM! It kind of reminds me of sour cream more than yogurt, but with 15g of protein you can't beat it!

My final random rambling is that I hit the jackpot this past week! Hahaha, no no not the lottery but the giveaway jackpot baby! I almost never enter into the givewaways that people host on their blogs because I figure my odds aren't that great and truthfully... I just don't like jumping through some of the hoops but when I see a giveaway that I would really like to win, I'll enter... and guess what happened? I won 2x's last week! Whoo hooo! I won a Crystal Lite Package from Prior Fat Girl and even better... the whole big buncha loot from TJ! I cannot tell you how excited I was when I found out I won these giveaways- you KNOW that I will be taking pics with the goodies :)

Shout Out: Wanted to give a quick shout out to my girl Jessica over at CBGB; I've never met Jessica but she reminds me a lot of myself and has been blogging for about a month now, has been kicking butt, and deserves some followers! I know it can be somewhat discouraging when your putting yourself out there in blogland and you're not sure if anyone is even listening; I know if you you give her half of the encouragement and support that ya'll give me she will be even that much MORE likely to succeed! You rock Jess!

Alright friends, I promise that tomorrow's post will be a bit more focused than the last 2, it's just with all of this snow craziness I'm a bit frazzled :) In fact, tomorrow I will be writing about a rather important discovery (to me) that I made just this morning!

Hope all of you North Easterners are staying safe and warm out there!