Kamis, 17 Desember 2015

Hello Friends!


Welcome to the Project 365 blog- a place where I can write about the triumphs, struggles, thoughts, mishaps, and moments of hilarity that I am sure to experience as I work to change my life in 2010!

Project 365- the deets:

  • What is it? It encompasses my goal to change my life this year (365 days) by losing a ton of weight (100lbs specifically) and hence becoming a much healthier, well-balanced, in control person.

  • Who? Well...ME! (And anyone else that would like to join!) Let's see...what to say....well I'm a recent college graduate, originally from Arizona, I just moved to Pittsburgh in May. I work bivocationally as an accounting assistant and an outreach pastor. I am an avid coffee drinker, movie watcher, conversationalist extraordinarre, The Office junkie, run of the mill 23 year old.

  • Why? BECAUSE I HAVE TO. Why now? Because I have recently come to understand that life isn't going to slow down to a pace where one day it is just unbelievably easy for me to lose the weight I know that I need to- if I'm going to do this (and I AM) then there is no better time than now! No-really. I'm 23, I don't have a family to look after yet, while I don't have a ton of free time my life is flexible that I can make what is truly important to me a priority, and I've got breath in my lungs and 2 legs that work! 6 weeks ago I was at my heaviest weight of my life-352lbs- and if I have come to the realization that no one is going to do this for me or make me do it and it certainly isn't just going to magically change one day. The time is now!

  • When? I've already begun losing actually! November 8th was the day that I joined in with a competition that some of my friends are doing that we call "The Biggest Loser Challenge" in which we see who can lose the biggest body % in 9 weeks- as of right now I think I have a good chance of winning (I've already lost 12lbs!). This 1st challenge ends December 31st and then Project 365 will officially begin on 01/01/10.

  • How? Here's how I plan on losing the weight: I'm tracking POINTS using the Weight Watcher system, blogging for accountablity, reading blogs for inspiration, participating in The Biggest Loser Challenges for motivation (did I mention $$$ is involved? :), good ol' fashioned excercise (walking mostly to start) and the strengthe and endurance that I know is only going to come from God.

How's that sound? :)

I've gotta admit that I'd be lying if I said that I think this is going to be easy just because I have a plan and am motivated or even that I'm 100% sure that I believe right now that I can do this- but it's really not about what I want to do, how I feel, or what I believe.

It's about truly living my life to the fullest and I've told myself long enough that I can be morbidly obese (according to that dang BMI chart) and still live my life to the fullest but that's just not true anymore. Truly living doesn't entail not going to certain restaurants because their seats have arms on the chairs and it's uncomfortable, being the person that holds everyone's stuff at theme parks because I don't know if I'll fit on the roller coaster rides, absolutely dreading flying home because I have to use a seat belt extender on the airplane and feel bad for the person I'm crushing next to me.

We only have one life to live and I was to live mine. My weight will no longer be something that causes me to miss out on any opportunities. I can give a year for that.

I am so excited to make new friends on this journey (aka- you!) so feel free to introduce yourself, leave comments, questions, suggestions, compliments...haha jk! Alright-

Peace out girl scout.