Sabtu, 25 Juli 2015

Days #176- #205: Choices and Fate.

Happy Sunday!

It really has been a great weekend- my life is usually so busy and hectic and for the first time in quite a while I enjoyed a nice leisurely weekend- the pic above is from our housewarming party on Friday night with my roomie, friend, and her amazingly cute son :)

Weighed in today: 301 so technically +1lb. This will be the week that I break 300 :)

And now for some thoughts I just can't get off my mind:

Sometimes I think we allow our past experiences to become some sort of "proof" that our future HAS to look a certain way instead of just allowing them to be what they are...past experiences.

I think being overweight all of my life has caused me to stop dreaming. And worse- I have never really cared.

Because I've been overweight my whole life doing things like running a marathon, wearing a short/cute dress, or feeling comfortable in a swim suit have just never felt like options for me. I've pretty much been okay with just reserving that those things are for other people and not for me- as if it is some act or decision of fate that I just didn't get picked to enjoy those things.

But that is just not true.

For whatever reason, I need to constantly remind myself that my future (specifically in regards to my weight and health) IS in MY hands and that I CAN control it. I am not just destined to always be overweight (or obese) simply because I always have been- I get to choose!

Everything in life really comes down to choices and perhaps the reason that many of us would not like to believe that or simply act as if it isn't true is because if we admitted it's truth we would be admitting that it is our own fault that we find ourselves in the state we do. And we don't like to be wrong...or guilty.

I have evaluated what it is that I want in life and it's:

- To be healthy.

- To live a full and long life.

- To have a family.

- To enjoy my life.

- To live life without limits.

And being overweight doesn't go along with any of those.

I am choosing to live a healthy life and to prove to myself that I CAN do this and that I am not destined to be anything other than what I choose to be.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings :)