Rabu, 29 April 2015

Day #118 & #119: Apology Accepted?


No surprise- my life has been insanely busy lately. I hate that I'm not able to dedicate as much time to blogging or reading blogs recently. And truthfully, the perfectionist inside of me is always switching back and forth between feeling incredibly guilty and questioning whether I should even continue blogging.

Don't freak- I don't want to quit blogging but it's just that I feel like I'm just not the blogger I used to be- that my topics aren't as interesting and that since I can't be the dedicated fully committed blogger that I once was (when I was able to blog and read blogs pretty much all day at work), that I'm a disappointment to those who have been reading my blog since the beginning as well as to all the new readers who I just haven't had the chance to get to know the way that I was able to a few months ago.

Not sure why I'm even writing all of this but it's important for me to stay honest throughout this journey and the last thing that I would ever to with you all is feel like I'm being fake; and I'm not- I guess I'm just saying that I haven't just forgotten about blogging and I'm certainly still pursuing my goal of losing 100lbs this year- just been super busy.

I'm going to move forward with the plan that I put in place last month of blogging every other day and reading blogs the day's in between. If there has been one thing being on this journey to health has taught me it is that you prioritize that which is important to you and the truth is- this blog is important to me so I need to make it a bit more of a priority.

So there. I'm not going to harp on this anymore- just wanted to say "sorry" and that I'm still super thankful and dedicated to this amazing community.

And now on to some very cool business- I'm pumped that it's the end of the month because that means it's time to evaluate how I did on my April goals, do my monthly measurements, and set new goals for the month ahead so I'll be sharing all that good stuff in the next few days!

Cross your fingers with me because on Sunday I weighed in at 305lbs and that is what my goal for the end of April is so I'm hoping that when I weigh in tomorrow (since it's the final day of April), that I won't have gained anything. Secretly, I'm thinking that I've lost some weight- my body is changing big time and it's becoming more and more noticeable to me. VERY exciting!

And now, I'm off to watch some Survivor and catch up on your blogs!

You'll hear from me tomorrow friends :)