Jumat, 13 Maret 2015

New Blog Series: Confessions!

I like to keep it real.

I think being honest about our questions, struggles, & dreams is PARAMOUNT in life in general but particularly when it comes to weight loss.

One of the things I don't like about going to the gym is I feel like in general it's not an atmosphere where people are encouraged to keep it real. Most people at the gym have no idea what they should be doing & are insecure about themselves, their level of physical fitness or their knowledge of the gym equipment & what they should be doing but they would dare not show it because it's all about appearing fierce, strong & confident at the gym. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?

Anyways, I know of some blogs that have that same atmosphere. They give you that "squeaky clean" feeling of never struggling, never making a dish that tasted like crap & never admitting that sometimes eating healthy & exercising isn't their most absolute favorite thing in the world.

Well, this isn't one of those blogs. At least I don't want it to be.

Which is why I'm instituting a series on the blog called:


In case you are like me and didn't grow up Catholic, the pic above is from a confessional booth & while I don't believe in that practice or that we have to go through any one person on this Earth for God to hear our prayers (thanks to a man named Jesus Christ), I do believe that there is power in us being honest & authentic & sharing things that we may have typically found shame in.


Because it's important for people to know that they aren't alone in their struggles & questions and it's important to remind ourselves that we aren't perfect & to squash that little demon called pride in us.

Hence, why I will periodically be sharing some of my CONFESSIONS in regards to weight loss; no one needs to feel alone on this journey because truthfully, not to break anyone's "I'm a uniquely special individual" spirit, but there's nothing new under the sun & if I've struggled with something, there's about a 100% chance that one of you have struggled with it as well.

SO- why not get this party started?

Today's Confession: I don't think Kale is the best thing since sliced bread.

In fact, I'd take a slice of bread over Kale any day. Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past year, you probably have heard that Kale is all the rage among foodies... and although I really want to like Kale- I just don't. Now it's not the worst thing I've ever tasted in the world because that prize would belong to:

I'm getting chills down my spine just from thinking about canned green beans....bleck!

But I'm just gonna keep it real & confess that I don't think Kale is all that great. It's a pain in the bum to wash, it's kinda coarse, I don't like to chomp down on the thick stem & it has a much stronger taste than romaine.

Last night I whipped up my first homeade Kale salad & the hubby & I agreed that it just doesn't match up to it's hype. This salad was made w/ avocado, TJ's broccoli salad, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries & lemon along with a side of Tilapia (yum!):

So there you have it. You can still be a healthy gal & not like Kale. I promise. It'll be okay.

Speaking of being okay...

This mornings "sneak peek weigh in" had me at 159lbs! Whoo hoo! Now I won't officially "count" that until that number still shows up on Sunday (my official weigh in day) but I was pretty darned stoked about a 2lb loss, making me only 9lbs away from my goal!!!

SO, what about you all? Any confessions you've just gotta make?