Minggu, 15 Maret 2015

Day #73 & #74: Holy Shmokes

Hey ya'll! So this is my current fb profile pic- it is my declaration that even though it is only about 45 degrees outside- I'm livin' the dream and ready for Spring! I can't lie- I lurve me some aviators :)

So yesterday was weigh in day and the results are in...

Previous Week: 317
This Week: 314
Loss of: -3lbs

In all reality this is more of a 1lb loss since I gained 2lbs last week but I've gotta say I'm pretty happy with this weigh in. Why?

#1- I seriously gave it ALL that I had this week. Remember how last week I shared that while I wasn't doing horribly, I knew how great my best was and I knew I wasn't giving my BEST- well I made sure to change that this week. I didn't make one food choice that I would change and I finally made it to the gym 5x's last week. It wasn't easy- there were some days that I had to rearrange my schedule just to be sure that I made it to the gym but I'm learning that if I don't put my health first, no one else will. And because I gave it my all I don't look at this week as a failure since I didn't hit the # I wanted to (which happened to be 312), because I know that I couldn't have done ANYTHING differently, I fought like hell, and the scale with show the results of my efforts sooner or later.

#2- I'm on my period- so I'm guessing the fact that I was able to lose 3lbs during a week like this means that I will hopefully get at least to my milestone next week of having lost 40 lbs....holy guacamole.

#3- I can literally feel my body changing more this week than possibly any other. I don't know if I look any different but my body sure does feel different; my hips feel smaller, my jeans are even loser, and I got to experience one fabulous freakin' NSV that I'll be sharing later this week. Life is good.

And I can't lie about the fact that I'm pretty stoked that in 1 more pound I'll be able to post a new progress pic! Whoo hoo!

Lots of excitement going on around here!

Have a fabulous day friends and let this be a week that you can look back on and say that you gave it your all- I promise that it will make what the scale says matter very little :)