Kamis, 12 Maret 2015

Day #71: Words= Power.

Morning loves!

Thanks for the great discussion on yesterdays post "My Beef w/ Beck;" it's always good to hear a variety of opinions from such wise people :)

I just need to be honest right now... I'm feeling hurt, angry, and misunderstood.

Yesterday I was called out by another blogger who wrote an entire post about me in which I was accused of being: "condescending," told that I act "acting like my poop doesn't stink," and that I "don't have my sh*t together," and was basically referred to as being ignorant and rude.

It's not important who the person is or even the specific details of the event, but I will say that when I read the post it completely shook me. I blog and comment on blogs for no other reason than to support others, get support myself, and learn- not be to put down or bullied which is exactly what their post accomplished.

Can I just throw something out there? This is a rule that I think is good for all of us to follow- if someone writes a comment or a post about something that you find personally offensive, talk to them about it (through a private email) first to make sure that you are truly understanding what they were saying and that there isn't a misunderstanding taking place before devoting an entire public post for all to read dedicated to what you perceive their flaws to be- it's called respect.

Sorry- I just felt like I needed to share that because it really did make me sad to hear that there would be ANY sort of drama in a community that needs to be all about support. I will not be mentioning this again and I'm not going to give this situation another moment of my time.

It is actually quite funny (in an ironic sort of way) that this happened because I was planning on writing about the power of our words today! This blogging community is made up of some truly amazing, inspiring, compassionate people who faithfully support the efforts of others through leaving comments on posts- how many times have you felt like you could literally feel a hug that someone sent you in a comment!? I know I've felt a few- doesn't this picture portray it perfectly?I can think back to at least 3 different specific comments that were left on my blog that I still remember and help to keep me moving forward:

1) Kyle left me a comment a ways back that was probably the most meaningful one I've ever received- and the funny thing is that it was only 2 words! hahaha After I wrote a post about how I had messed up in regards to my eating but I had gone to the gym later and kicked butt he simply wrote: "Your unstoppable!" Don't ask me why but that seriously meant the world to me- it was a moment where I wasn't the only one trying to convince myself that it was true- but that someone else had enough faith in me and saw enough potential that they really did believe it! Thanks Kyle- those 2 little words have kept me working hard ever since I read them!

2) Melissa left a comment just last week that truly helped me put things in perspective- she wrote: "As I've said many times before, the fact that you recognize the road block and deal with it mentally is yet another step on this journey. Some steps are in the form of exercise, some are food choices, some are scale numbers. But others, and honestly the ones that make all the difference are in self evaluation and changing your thinking and self image. This is another step and it gets you down the road in the direction you want to go. " Thanks, Melissa- you've got some wisdom lady! :)

3) Syl was one of the first bloggers that I began to read before I even started my blog- she is one intense chick and she was also the 1st person to comment on my blog saying that she KNEW I could attain my goal of losing 100lbs in a year. I have had other people (with nothing but GREAT intentions) say that they didn't know if I would lose 100lbs this year but that I would still do well, and it killed me to read that- but I have always known that Syl has had faith that I can and will do it! Thanks lady!

I'm sure you all could think of other bloggers that have helped keep you going on this difficult journey and have made it feel a little less lonely- and I seriously could have easily added 20 more people to that list of faithful and supportive commenters that have been walking with me, holding my hand, on this journey.

I am taking these lessons away from today (and I hope you do too!):
- Our words have power. Let us use them for good and not evil.
- People are going to think what they want to think- as long as you know your heart and motives there is not much more you can do.
- Be grateful for the gift that this blogging community is b/c it is priceless one!
- Don't allow the one negative voice that is squaking out to overshadow the hundreds of truthful ones!

Something I was told a while back that has always stuck with me is that we only have a certain amount of energy every day to spend and to not waste it on things/people that you can't change and that don't care about you. Today, chose to use your energy, time, and resources on people and things that really matter, like your health, family, and friends.

Love you bloggies- SO grateful for you! :) :) :)