Senin, 12 Januari 2015

Day #12: Who Needs Dignity Anyway?

Morning lovelies!
Alright so I may or may not be making the choice to humiliate myself very very soon.

How you ask? jazzercising.

No- this not a picture of some overly enthusiastic jazzercise nut that I found on google images- this is my Aunt :) In the past few years she has taken a liking to jazzercise and is now an instructor in Seattle.
Long story short she sent me some coupons the other day for 12 free jazzercise classes and wouldn't luck have it that there is a jazzercise class about 10 minutes from my house: free coupons+ needing excercise+ aunt that is going to ask+ close to home= giving Jazzercise a shot.

You may be able to feel the hesitancy and lack of excitement in my voice (or fingers :0) but that is because for the most part I have always pictured Jazzercise being..."an old lady's workout" and that the class would look like something in the above picture- BUT I'm just going to keep an open mind and go- at least once! I've been to my Aunt's class in Seattle and it was a good mixture of ages and body types so maybe this one will be like that as well...let's hope!

Alright so SPILL- have any of you ever *JAZZERCIZED* (that word definitely needs the stars around it!) If so, what did you think? Was it a good workout? Was there anyone there under 30?

I'll most likely try a class out next week and if nothing else it will make for an interesting blog entry :) Let's just hope I don't meet her there...

But I can't lie- she is in WAY better shame than I am!

And finally... you shall most assuredly be seeing my very 1st installment of Progress Pics by Thursday at the latest! (AKA- I'm heading to Target later tonight to pick up my new digital camera (w/my Biggest Loser Loot!) so be excited! Cuz I'm NOT! :)

Peace and Love!